Annika from Sweden – givemethatfuckingcum collection (SD)

Annika from Sweden – givemethatfuckingcum collection (SD)


Annika from Sweden. This amateur had a website ( for a couple years back around 2005. The videos are all blowjob videos with seemingly one boyfriend (with the exception of bj_65.wmv where her boyfriend is filming off camera).

She’s a submissive, daddy talking, cum begging, gorgeous blonde. Most/all videos end with her emitting several over-the-top, guttural moans when the cum starts flying. I’d say she over-acts that bit, but on the other hand she genuinely seems to enjoy it, and so do I, so who am I to judge?

The video quality isn’t superb, and the audio for the 1-18 set is off by a second or 4 (and varies a bit throughout).

On the naming/dupes. I’m not sure where I grabbed these from originally, but they came in a folder labeled 1-18 (Blowjob_*.wmv) and then a bunch of other randomly numbered bj*.WMV files.



Name: Blowjob 17wmv
Format: wmv – : 94.11 MB – 00:10:08 – 640 x 480– Onlyfans, amateur, and more porn

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