Andrew Taylor collection

Andrew Taylor collection


Interweaving real and fictional elements, The American Boy is a major new literary historical crime novel in the tradition of An Instance of the Fingerpost and Possession.

England 1819: Thomas Shield, a new master at a school just outside London, is tutor to a young American boy and the boy’s sensitive best friend, Charles Frant. Drawn to Frant’s beautiful, unhappy mother, Thomas becomes caught up in her family’s twisted intrigues. Then a brutal crime is committed, with consequences that threaten to destroy Thomas and all that he has come to hold dear. Despite his efforts, Shield is caught up in a deadly tangle of sex, money, murder and lies — a tangle that grips him tighter even as he tries to escape from it. And what of the strange American child, at the heart of these macabre events, yet mysterious — what is the secret of the boy named Edgar Allen Poe?

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Books list:

Taylor, Andrew – [SS] Fingers To the Bone [v1.0]_files\
Andrew Taylor – Bleeding Heart Square (v5).epub
Andrew Taylor – Broken Voices.epub
Andrew Taylor – Dougal 01 – Caroline Minuscule (v5.0).epub
Andrew Taylor – Dougal 02 – Waiting for the End of the World.epub
Andrew Taylor – Dougal 04 – Old School Tie.epub
Andrew Taylor – Dougal 05 – Freelance Death.epub
Andrew Taylor – Edward Savill 02 – The Silent Boy (v5).epub
Andrew Taylor – Long Sonata of the Dead (v5.0).epub
Andrew Taylor – Lydmouth 01 – An Air That Kills (v5.0).epub
Andrew Taylor – Lydmouth 02 – The Mortal Sickness.epub
Andrew Taylor – Lydmouth 03 – The Lover of the Grave.epub
Andrew Taylor – Roth 01 – The Four Last Things.epub
Andrew Taylor – Roth 02 – The Judgement of Strangers.epub
Andrew Taylor – Roth 03 – The Office of the Dead.epub
Andrew Taylor – The American Boy (v5.0).epub
Andrew Taylor – The Anatomy of Ghosts (v5).epub
Andrew Taylor – The Ashes of London.epub
Andrew Taylor – The Scent of Death (v5).epub

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